Personalising your items

A massive part of the merchandise experience we give our customers both through our in house merchandise and Merrrch Shops, is the ability to personalise their items.

We love nothing more than when merchandise is personalised, and as we manufacture all items to order, this gives us the perfect opportunity to make your purchases truly unique!

We have two types of personalisation
that apply to different items we sell:

Optional Personalisation

Optional personalisation is an addon to a product, mostly commonly found in our Merrrch Shops. The custom text is printed in a predefined area (Described on each individual product page) in a font style and colour that either matches or compliments the main print on the item.

Required Personalisation

Required personalisation is used when custom text is needed in order for us to print an item. This is most commonly found on Merrrch custom prints where a name is needed as part of the artwork. The custom text is inserted seamlessly into the design in a font and colour that matches the print.

Got Questions?

If you have any questions regarding personalisation and custom text, please contact us by clicking the button below: